Monday, 8 August 2011

The Retreat Celeb Roll-call!

Excuse us while we indulge in a little celebrity name-dropping -  we're very proud that past customers at Retreat include many well-known faces and of course famous possessors of impeccable taste! 

Recent celeb spots include the sumptuous Nigella, who treated herself to our beautiful LOVE tea light holders (wonder if they'll make it in to the background of her next TV show?); blooming new Mum Natalie Cassidy bought a personalised Christmas linen stocking.

The lovely Anna Friel purchased one of our toiletries bags for good friend and style guru Tara P-T, while chanteuse Duffy treated  herself to our Love & Happiness cushions - we wish her plenty of both.

And finally none other than HRH Beatrice took a shine to her lilac range - we like to imagine our scented hearts hanging next to her controversial collection of fascinators!


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  1. Hello and welcome in Bloggerland!
    Today I found your products in "Landhaus" and I like them very, very much. (I have already sent you a "business"mail :O)
    Now i'm very anxious to see your next Posts here...
    Sorry, my English is on a very simple way but a really long time is passed since my last English lessons at school.
    Sonny regards from Hamburg,